Advisory Board

As we learn more about the foster care system and community we would like to gather an advisory board that helps keep us accountable, points out the mistakes we are making, introduces us to people and teaches us what they know. We are very grateful for the help of those below who have agreed to be on our advisory board. Eventually, would like to have up to 10 people on our advisory board. 

Advisory Board

Fernando Clara
Director of Practice Innovation
The Mockingbird Society
Mr. Clara has extensive history in the foster care community as a Family Court Social Worker, with Casey Family Programs and The Mockingbird Society.

Sarah Desjarlais
Executive Director
Office Moms and Dads
Mrs. Desjarlais is the executive director of Office Moms and Dads. It is a grassroots volunteer-based 501(c)3 organization that serves foster children who have recently been removed from their homes. Additionally, OMD provides resources to foster parents and child welfare workers.

Nate Hawkins
West Regional Director
Mr. Hawkins is a personal friend who has done foster to adopt twice. His extensive knowledge is deeply valued and appreciated. 

If you know people that we should meet that you think should be on our advisory board, we would love to meet them. Thank you!