Before we apply for 501(c)(3) status we first need to know if the mentoring model is a good idea in the foster care world. We (Rick and Rebecca) know a lot about Black history and culture from years of reading and experience with M.U.S.T.. We know very little about the foster care system, however. Until we determine if the idea will work we will operate under a fiscal sponsor. When we started M.U.S.T. in 2012 we first used an organization called The New Horizons Foundation as our fiscal sponsor and it worked very well. We are again using New Horizons Foundation as our fiscal sponsor for the investigative stage of this endeavor. If we conclude that our idea is viable we will either apply for 501(c)(3) status or possibly move under the umbrella of a current 501(c)(3) that serves foster care youth. 

Fiscal Sponsor: The New Horizons Foundation
Project Name: Hope Herd

Goal - $370,000 by April 1, 2023
Raised So Far 73%

Donate Online

Click the ‘Donate Now’ button below to donate online through our fiscal sponsor, The New Horizons Foundation.

Donate by Check

Please make the checks payable to ‘The New Horizons Foundation’ and be sure to put ‘Hope Herd’ in the memo line or include a note. You can mail the check to the address below.

The New Horizons Foundation
5550 Tech Center Drive Suite 303
Colorado Springs, CO 80919

Donation Core Values

As with MUST, we value three things when it comes to donations. 

1. Number one on the list is JOY! What is the amount that brings you the most joy to give? For some that will be $0 and for others it will thousands of dollars. We honestly do not care what your number is. We want you to hit that joy number. This makes it fun for us as we raise money and as we look at our list of supporters and fun for you as donors. 

2. Our second value is transparency. We commit to sharing with you the good things that are going on with Hope Herd and the hard things too. 

3. In light of the this, our third value is good communication. Please sign up for our newsletter so we can keep you up to date with all that is going on with Hope Herd. 

Thank you for your support on this wild ride. We can’t wait to see where it leads!