The Model

The M.U.S.T. mentoring model is very unique and highly successful. It is our intention to apply the lessons we learned in building M.U.S.T. to build a similar model to serve youth currently in foster care and youth adults who grew up in foster care. Below is a brief description of the proposed model. 

Support families come alongside the mentor to help them navigate life, career, relationships and help them to be a good mentor. Support includes  monthly meals together as a family and monthly one-on-one meals. 

FC MENTOR: The uniqueness of the mentoring model is that the mentors are young adults who grew up in the foster care system themselves. Youth will look at their mentors and think, “If he/she can do it… so can I!”

In coming high school freshman would be paired with their mentor who grew up in the foster care system as well. Youth would be in the program all four years of high school and then also receive support two years after high school. Hope Herd would follow them now matter where they go in the state… no matter what!